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Like many people who love to read, I also love to write. These pages offer a variety of topics and writing styles. You may read the stories online or download an ebook in pdf format for printing or reading on a handheld device. Click on the ebook link at the end of any story description. All of the stories are suitable for any age group, however younger children are unlikely to be interested in the backpacking story. I hope you enjoy them.

The most popular short story on this site is about the befriending of a feral cat. While the story is enjoyable to anyone who likes a good read, cat lovers in particular will enjoy this one. I've received very good reviews from readers, many of whom say the story moved them to tears. 5000 words read story...   download ebook

The other cat story is a about a Siamese cat and a puppy. If time is a factor, you might want to read this story since it is shorter than the others. download ebook

The backpacking essay is about a three-day solo hike I took in the Pigeon River State Forest area. You will probably enjoy if If you like reading about camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. It is approximately 7000 words long. read story...   download ebook