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Thoughts of You

Last night, in the wee dark hours
before the sun would strut upon the stage,
I awoke, for no apparent reason.
As I lay quietly, seeking the return
of the oblivion of slumber,
thoughts of you intruded softly,
like ghosts on slippered feet.
In an effort to lure the sandman,
I decided to compose a poem.
The subject needed no reflection.
Thoughts of you lead naturally to love.
The one word title came effortlessly,
I titled it simply - Love
The beginning also came with ease,
as easy as recalling your smile.
I read what I had written,
then paused for serious thought.
Realization came that it might be
my best piece ever.
I offer it below for your reading pleasure:


Love is

© John Allen November 25, 2007 4:30AM CST

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