original poems by john allen

Can you hear me?

We fought so hard.
God, how we fought.
Until the bitter end.
Then, we lost

You are gone now.
No longer hurting.
I ache inside.
Will until I die.

The pain never leaves.
Even when I'm busy.
It's only a word
or a song away.

There is a hollow feeling
in the pit of my gut.
A huge void.
A soul vacancy?

I want to say,
"Come back",
but that cannot be.
Why waste words?

I want to say,
"I'm sorry".
I don't know why.
Did I fail?

I want to say,
"I love you".
Then I remember -
you aren't here.

Can you hear me,
late at night,
when I talk to you
of lost dreams?

The tears on the pillow
aren't for you or me.
They are for the dreams -
bright, beautiful, gone.

I loved you.
I really did.
You loved me.
You really did.

There are memories
of the beautiful smiles,
the gentle soul,
the love shared.

Those will have to do.
There can be no others.
Shared is for two.
Not one.

© John Allen December, 2007

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