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-- Love One Another --

I used to think we had failed.
Lost a battle we didn't foresee.
Now, I'm not so sure.
Death didn't end our love
As long as I hold it tight
and refuse to let it go
we are the victors.
For love carried to the end,
can never be dissolved.
Each thread of love is interwoven,
running from person to person,
through all of space and time,
from the beginning to the very end.
Haven't all of the great teachers
told us that love is eternal?

It seems quite a few visits to this site come from searches for R.I.P. poems. This page used to have a poem written as a memorial for a young man who was killed in Iraq. That poem is about war and I felt that it was probably not the type of poem most searchers wanted to read. When I wrote the poem above I decided to replace the original poem. That poem can be found here.

© John Allen December, 2009

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