original poems by john allen

Passion and woe

I loved you with a passion
that made the whole world glow.
I lost you in a fashion
that filled my world with woe.

One more time

There comes a time
when you must go on,
past the bitter memories
and the scars on your heart,
to try love one more time.


Saying goodbye is never easy.
no matter how you say it,
no matter how it's done,
It tears at your heart -
and then, she's gone
once it's been said,
after it's done,
life goes on -
alone again

The small poems below were some scribbles I wrote on the back of a placemat in a restaurant a few years ago. I folded that placemat up and stuffed it in my pocket when I left. They were never intended to be serious poems. I just happened across them recently, so I added them to the site. Click on the titles in the sub-menu on the top right to read other poems.

What use life?

What use life,
if you don't live it?

What use wealth,
if you don't share it?

What use knowledge,
if you don't use it?

What use love,
if you don't give it?

The fool

A man who values
over love
is a fool in need

A man who values
over love
is a fool indeed

The Door of Love

Through the door of love -
he went
One day he returned -
Love can be like that.

© John Allen March, 2005

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