original poems by john allen

Fireflies in the moonlight...

Happiness is hard to find,
especially on a lonely night.
It glimmers briefly here and there,
like fireflies in the moonlight.

It always seems just out of reach.
Quickly fading out of sight.
A brief flash, too soon gone,
like fireflies in the moonlight

About these poems...

I've always loved poetry. My first poems were written more than 30 years ago. Most of those old poems are gone now, probably for the better. For a long time, I wrote very little. I turned to poetry again to help me through a difficult time. It lets the emotions out. That can be both a blessing and a curse. In the end, I find it is cathartic. Now that I have started again, I will probably continue to write poems as long as I live.

Note: Most of the poems about love and loss were written about the love of my life - Regina Owen Carter - 1959-2007. May she rest in peace.

I hope you enjoy them.

© copyright John Allen 2005-2010

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