free pdf ebooks of the stories on this site

The stories on this site are available as ebooks in Adobe PDF format. You are welcome to download them to read offline or to print. Feel free to share the stories with friends and family, if you think they will enjoy them.

To get the ebooks left-click on the cover picture or text link to open the PDF or right-click to open a popup menu that will allow you to save them to your computer. The files have been scanned with an anti-virus program before uploading.

Satan and the Puppy is a short-short story of a very tough Siamese cat and a puppy. It reads much like the stories you can find in the Reader's Digest. It is just over 1300 words long. click here to get this ebook... 122KB

The White Cat is a moving story about a feral cat and how it came to accept human companionship. Cat lovers in particular will enjoy this story. It also makes a good story to read with your children, although the ending is a little sad. 5200 words - click here to get this ebook... 132KB

The Hike is an outdoor story of a solo-backpacking trip in northern Michigan. It covers a three-day period during which I encountered a large bull elk, a bald eagle, and had a few minor adventures. Readers who enjoy stories about the out-of-doors will certainly enjoy the narrative. It is longer than the first two stories - 7000 words - click here to get this ebook... 334KB

I will be compiling my poems into a single volume ebook sometime soon. I will also be adding other stories in the near future. I hope you enjoy them.