Latest News:

The site has received extensive updates. There are fewer images in the photo galleries, but the ones that are left and the new ones just added improve the galleries quite a bit.

The poetry section has also been updated. The navigation has been improved, a few new poems were added, and many of the current poems received some edits to, hopefully, make them stronger.

The blog received the bulk of the update. It is more fully integrated with the full site and has quite a bit more content. I hope to continue adding updates to the site through the blog. The best images and poems added to the blog will eventually find their way onto the main site.

About this site:

This web site contains an eclectic collection of things I want to share. I have a passion for quite a few activities that are at their best when shared. You can find original poems, photography, short stories and essays, a couple of dozen desktop wallpaper images, and more on the site. I hope you enjoy your time on


Have you ever looked into someone's eyes
and seen love shining there?
Have you ever held someone close
and felt their sighs touch your hair?

Have you?

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